Empowering teens to learn, to lead, and to serve in their schools, communities, and around the world.

Become A Student LeaderBecome An Adult Mentor

Empowering teens to learn, to lead, and to serve in their schools, communities, and around the world.

Become A Student LeaderBecome An Adult Mentor


Do you have a desire to stretch yourself? Perhaps you are open to more self-discovery and personal growth. Are you teachable and do you feel like you have strong potential but need an opportunity to grow? We look for team players who are open to serve in their schools and community, possess a desire to explore and expand their view of the world through travel and serving.

Support the Vision

Knowledge, exposure, and service multiplies understanding and vision. Our team members’ imagination and sense of possibilities grow when barriers diminish and when wonder at what can be replaces the hopelessness of what is. You can join ICYFC and be part of this life-changing work.

Become a Mentor

If you are passionate about working with urban youth and want to be instrumental in being part of transforming a young person’s life, you could be just the one to be an adult mentor in ICYFC.

Witnessing the change in young people during their time in ICYFC is a powerful experience I will never forget.

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ICYFC: Developing Student

Inner City Youth for Change enables transformation by equipping and empowering teens to lead, learn, and serve in their communities and around the world. Check us out…

PAST Trips

Serving In Africa

Inner-City Youth for Change has created rare opportunities for urban teens to spend time in different countries in Africa over the years including, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Senegal, and more. These trips allow them the experiences to step out of the world as they know it. Young people who had never heard of passion fruit planted passion fruit trees to support life in Uganda.

“Since being in Inner City Youth for Change, I realize I can give and help somebody now, and that’s a good feeling!”

– Raesheana Robertson 2017 (Student)

Student Spotlight

Giving Back to the Community

Name: A’jon

Hobby: Make money moves

“I joined ICYFC to increase my giving spirit. I wanted to see the world at a different perspective and not take things for granted so easily. I hope to be fulfilled with knowledge from other individuals and learn new things. To bring them into the real world with positive energy.”

We invite you to support dynamic youth like A’jon.

Say it. Understand it. Mean it.

Black Lives Matter

Each morning you wake, Inner City Youth for Change hopes that you work to intentionally broaden your understanding of your circumstances and develop relationship with people outside your circles, age groups, and economics. While our goal at Inner City Youth for Change is to shatter generational poverty to improve our community for everyone; it is past time to acknowledge, to address, and to shatter systemic racism, police brutality, racial profiling, assumptions, and inequality in education, justice, and access which will improve our community for everyone.