Black Lives Matter Statement

We, at Inner City Youth for Change, wake each morning with the intent to make the world better. Our work focuses on breaking generational poverty by identifying youth with emerging leadership skills and working to empower them through experiential service and creating access. Our youth grow and become more confident by understanding their circumstances and developing relationships with people outside their circles, age groups, and economics.

Our fervent hope is that all youths’ dreams take flight and they fulfil their potential. We believe that when youth know more, they understand more, and can do more.

Each morning you wake, Inner City Youth for Change hopes that you work to intentionally broaden your understanding of your circumstances and develop relationship with people outside your circles, age groups, and economics. While our goal at Inner City Youth for Change is to shatter generational poverty to improve our community for everyone; it is past time to acknowledge, to address, and to shatter systemic racism, police brutality, racial profiling, assumptions, and inequality in education, justice, and access which will improve our community for everyone.